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Born to You

Luke 2:8-14 teaches us how Jesus came not to be served but to serve: (1) a lowly audience; (2) a lowly entrance; and, (3) a lowly mission.


New Mission, New Servant

The best way to tackle a transitional passage like Acts 18:18-28 is not by making three application points, but by seeing the two narrative sections and drawing application as we move through them. This passage breaks down into two major sections: (1) the new mission; and, (2) the new servant.


A Trail of Two Cities

Acts 17:1-15 teaches us some of the characteristics of how Jesus plants his church, regardless of their location or particular culture: (1) the work is Spirit-led and Word-grounded; (2) it is accomplished through sound, logical preaching; and, (3) the message is always Christ-centered and gospel -focused.


Mission and Means

Acts 16:1-15 shows us that Christ’s Kingdom, defined by His Word, is a direct result of His rule and His work through the creative power of the Holy Spirit.

This passage on the beginning of Paul’s second missionary journey teaches us two things about Christ’s Kingdom and the mission of the Church: (1) the primacy of the Gospel; (2) the power of the Holy Spirit.