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The Heart of the Matter: A Matter of the Heart

Habakkuk 2:18-20 teaches us that the human heart is a very efficient idol factory. If we do not worship the One True God, we will create other things to worship. Those thing will be extensions of us. As God finishes the final refrain of His fight song, He reveals two things about mankind and idols: (1) Dead hearts have dead ears and seek after dead things to worship; and, (2) living hearts have ears open to hearing God’s revelation.


Worship War in Ephesus

Acts19:21-41 shows us three things about the religion of the City of Man: (1) idolatry leads to worship wars, (2) idolatry produces a culture of confusion; and, (3) the only remedy for idolatry is the truth of the gospel.


Paul in the Garden of the Gods Part II

This morning, we will listen as Paul – the free Roman citizen, Greek intellectual, and former Jewish Rabbi, now a foolish slave of Jesus Christ – reveals the unknown God to the Oxford dons and Harvard professors of his day.

In Acts17:16-34, we will see that Paul does not change the propositions of the Gospel to accommodate a different culture. But he does “begin at the beginning” when outside the ancient Bible belt, preaching three things: (1) man is God’s creation; (2) God is NOT man’s creation; and, (3) man must repent and trust in Christ.


Paul in the Garden of the Gods

Before looking at Paul’s Gospel presentation to the Athenians in Acts 17:16-21, we will examine two things that set the stage for his presentation in v. 16-22: (1) Paul’s impression of Athens; and, (2) Athens’ impression of Paul.