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Tag: Great High Priest

A Better Hope

Hebrews 7:10-28 teaches us that the Mosaic system of priesthood has been permanently replaced with better things: (1) a better law; (2) a better priest; and, (3) a better hope.


An Eternal Priesthood

Hebrews 7:1-10 teaches us that Jesus’ priesthood is greater than any other priesthood because of: (1) the greatness of Melchizedek as a picture; and, (2) the supreme greatness of Jesus as the reality that fulfills the picture.


The Better High Priest

Hebrews 4:14 through 5:10 shows us: (1) the requirements for priesthood; and, (2) the validity and efficacy of Jesus’ priesthood.


The Superior Word

Hebrews 1:5-14 teaches us Jesus’ superiority to angels by showing from Scripture that he is the Eternal: (1) Son; (2) King; and, (3) Creator.


Paul the Prisoner

From this point on in the Book of Acts, the apostle Paul receives a new name. He becomes “Paul the Prisoner” ( 23:18; 25:14; 27:1; 28:17; Rom. 16:7; Eph. 3:1; 4:1; 6:20; Col. 4:3, 18; 2 Tim. 1:8, 16; 2:9).

Acts 23:11-35 shows us the Jewish High Priest and those around him attempting to “re-bury” Jesus by killing Paul. We will focus on three aspects of this story this morning: (1) the rule of the Great High Priest; (2) the actions of the earthly high priest and the men aligned with him; and, (3) what those two things mean for us.