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Poetic Justice: God’s Fight Song

In this passage, God sings a fight song to taunt his enemies, claiming victory before the opposing team even takes the field. We hear the climax of God’s script for the universe – God is glorified. He is glorified in two ways: 1) by His judgment upon the puffed up (2:5-13, 15-17); and, 2) by His covenant loyalty to His people (2:14).


Rome Vs. Paul Part II

Acts 25 teaches us the contrast between man and God in three ways: (1) Jesus’ timing vs. men’s timing; (2) Jesus’ care vs. men’s care; and, (3) Jesus’ glory vs. men’s glory.


Christmas Eve Service 2010

Scriptural readings about the birth of our Savior and a sermon (Heb. 1:1-3) by Steve Ramseur.