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Category: Bad News Made Good

True Deliverance

This morning’s Bible passage is Matthew 7:21-29.


True Compassion

Transitioning from comparison-based life to compassion-based living. Part 8 of “Bad News Made Good”. Our Bible Passage is Matthew 7:1-20.


True Peace

The focus of our passage this morning in Matthew 6:19-34 is anxiety. Jesus gives us some samples of anxiety in vv. 19-25. Then, in verses 25-34, he gives us the solution to anxiety.


True Prayer

Matthew 6:5-13 teaches us the Lord’s Prayer as a model of our submission to Christ.


True Worship

Pastor Keith Howard delivers a sermon on Matthew 6:1-8 & 16-18. His message will discuss what true worship really entails.


Option Two

We have only two options when dealing with our innate sense that life is not right: (1) try to fix it; or, (2) rest in the fact that Jesus has already fixed it for us. The sermon scripture is Matthew 5:21-48.


Perfect Demand, Perfect Deliverance

A sermon by Pastor Keith Howard in Matthew 5:17-20 on the Sermon on the Mount


The “Are Attitudes”

A sermon in Matthew 5:3-12, over understanding the message of the beatitudes, not the command of the beatitudes.


The Big Picture

Today marks the first lesson in a short sermon series by Pastor Keith Howard entitled “Bad News Made Good.” The first and today’s sermon is called “The Big Picture.” In Matthew 5:1-2, we see how the sermon on the mount is not a checklist of goals but a reality of what God is actively shaping us into.