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Category: Alan Tysinger

Remember Your Covenant

Elder Alan Tysinger Discusses God’s Covenant with Abraham and His people.
The sermon passage for today is Exodus 2:23-25.


The Double Irony in God’s covenant for Our Salvation.

Elder Alan Tysinger Discusses Genesis 15:7-18


Sauls Armor

Elder Alan Tysinger Discusses the difference between a king’s armor and Gods Grace.
The Passage is 1 Corinthians 1:26-31.


Designed for your Repentance

Todays sermon is by Alan Tysinger which shows everything is designed for your repentance. The reading comes from multiple passages


A Lens, Not a Ladder

Elder Alan Tysinger brings us this week’s sermon in Leviticus. The scripture passages are James 1:13-15, 22-25 & Romans 10:1-9.