Faith PCA Podcasts

Sermons from Faith Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, Texas

Month: December, 2012

True Compassion

Transitioning from comparison-based life to compassion-based living. Part 8 of “Bad News Made Good”. Our Bible Passage is Matthew 7:1-20.


Hope: Problem, Promise, Provision

Today, we hear about the “reason for the season!” This Christmas message is from the following Bible passages: Genesis 6:5-6, Isaiah 59:20, Matthew 1:18-23.


The Greater Commission

Today, we have the privilege of once again listening to the Gospel brought to us by our former Pastor Tim Hoke. Pastor Tim and his wife Cheri teach at African Bible University (ABU) in Kampala, Uganda. We are blessed to have them back with us and bring us today’s sermon from John 14:1-14.


True Peace

The focus of our passage this morning in Matthew 6:19-34 is anxiety. Jesus gives us some samples of anxiety in vv. 19-25. Then, in verses 25-34, he gives us the solution to anxiety.


True Prayer

Matthew 6:5-13 teaches us the Lord’s Prayer as a model of our submission to Christ.