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Month: June, 2011

The Acts of God – from Theory to Practice

Today’s message is brought to us by Elder Bernard Briscoe. Where in the Bible does it say that the believers did “nothing”. The Holy Spirit gives us faith, hope, and love, but where is the outpouring of by believers into our world?

Our scripture this morning is Hebrews 11:1-38.


Paul: Anchored in Christ

Acts 27 shows us three things about the apostle that are true of all believers in all situations: (1) Paul understood he was a SLAVE to Jesus; (2) Paul understood that he was a SERVANT to others; and, (3) Paul understood he was SIGNIFICANT in his situation.

What we hope to learn from this passage are the unalterable facts regarding our life in Christ that provide our spiritual anchor amid the storm of life.


The Acts of God

A sermon focusing on God’s mighty works throughout scripture and how we often falsely praise ourselves for His deeds. Our passages are Psalm 103 and John 14:10-13.


Paul: The Floor Show

Acts 26 shows us Paul’s “Gospel 101”, the message which he has devoted the 27 years of his life: (1) repent; (2) believe; and, (3) follow. This is not merely the beginning of Christian life; it is the ENTIRETY of the Christian life.

We hope to learn that the Gospel is a deadly serious set of propositions that demand more than passing intellectual curiosity. It is not a means of self-improvement or self-enlightenment; it is NOT “your best life now”; and those who trust into it ought to be the most humble and loving people found on the planet