Faith PCA Podcasts

Sermons from Faith Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, Texas

Month: April, 2011

The Feast of Calvary

This Easter Sunday, Isaiah 25:6-9 show us three images to convey what Jesus’ death and resurrection accomplished for His people: (1) a mountain; (2) a feast; and, (3) a veil removed.

The result of God’s provision for taking away the veil of sin and death and providing a feast is that God’s people see Him as their perfect provider and rejoice in the salvation He alone provides.


A Rejected Witness

This week’s passage, Acts 21:27-22:22, reveals three things about Paul’s testimony to the angry temple mob: (1) a supernatural passion (21:37-22:2); (2) a supernatural capture (22:3-20); and, (3) a natural rejection (22:21-22).


When Good Intentions Go Bad

Acts 21:17-36 teaches us two overarching things about man and God: (1) Man’s good intentions do not trump God’s revelation (17-26); (2) Man’s good intentions cannot stop God’s good plan (27-36). What we hope to see this morning is that peace at cost of purity always leads to conflict and spiritual bankruptcy; but God is always faithful to His promises.


The Road to Jerusalem

Acts 21:1-16 teaches us about the relationship between God and his church: (1) God calls people for himself in every place (21:1-4a, 7-9); (2) God feeds and grows his people through Word and fellowship (21:5-9, 16); and, (3) God directs his people through Word and Spirit (21:4b, 10-14).