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Sermons from Faith Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, Texas

Month: February, 2011

New Mission, New Servant

The best way to tackle a transitional passage like Acts 18:18-28 is not by making three application points, but by seeing the two narrative sections and drawing application as we move through them. This passage breaks down into two major sections: (1) the new mission; and, (2) the new servant.


From Ideology to Community

Our passage in Acts 18:1-17 teaches us three things about the communal life of God’s people and the mission Jesus has given to the Church: (1) the necessity of community; (2) the fruit of community; and, (3) the opposition to the community.


God’s Offspring

As we study man’s kinship to God in Acts 17:22-29, we will see: (1) man is God’s offspring; (2) our family resemblance is fractured; and, (3) what sin fractured, Christ restores.


Paul in the Garden of the Gods Part II

This morning, we will listen as Paul – the free Roman citizen, Greek intellectual, and former Jewish Rabbi, now a foolish slave of Jesus Christ – reveals the unknown God to the Oxford dons and Harvard professors of his day.

In Acts17:16-34, we will see that Paul does not change the propositions of the Gospel to accommodate a different culture. But he does “begin at the beginning” when outside the ancient Bible belt, preaching three things: (1) man is God’s creation; (2) God is NOT man’s creation; and, (3) man must repent and trust in Christ.