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Sermons from Faith Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, Texas

Month: January, 2011

Three Great Men: their Prophesies and their Demise

Today we will take¬† a step back from our weekly study of the progress of the gospel of Christ as it moves from Jerusalem to San Antonio and on, to make sure that we understand what is transpiring in those brief 36 years from the Crucifixion (30 A.D.) to the martyrdom of Peter and Paul (66 A.D) in the context of the counsel of God before the foundation of he earth, creation, the Fall, and Israel’s rise and fall. We shall look at the three characters who have great influence on the story but who feature only briefly in the narrative – Adam not at all.

Our passages will be Acts1:6-11, 17:21, and 18:1.


Paul in the Garden of the Gods

Before looking at Paul’s Gospel presentation to the Athenians in Acts 17:16-21, we will examine two things that set the stage for his presentation in v. 16-22: (1) Paul’s impression of Athens; and, (2) Athens’ impression of Paul.


A Trail of Two Cities

Acts 17:1-15 teaches us some of the characteristics of how Jesus plants his church, regardless of their location or particular culture: (1) the work is Spirit-led and Word-grounded; (2) it is accomplished through sound, logical preaching; and, (3) the message is always Christ-centered and gospel -focused.


Oppression and Freedom

As we spend some time with Paul and company in Philippi, we will see how Acts 16:16-40 illustrates the powers at work in the world as the church strives to be faithful to Christ’s mission of proclaiming the Good News: (1) the power of man’s fallen nature; (2) the power of spiritual opposition to the Gospel; and, (3) the power of the Spirit of God.


Mission and Means

Acts 16:1-15 shows us that Christ’s Kingdom, defined by His Word, is a direct result of His rule and His work through the creative power of the Holy Spirit.

This passage on the beginning of Paul’s second missionary journey teaches us two things about Christ’s Kingdom and the mission of the Church: (1) the primacy of the Gospel; (2) the power of the Holy Spirit.