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Sermons from Faith Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, Texas

Month: November, 2010

The Gospel and I

Through Romans 1:1-18, Bernard Briscoe teaches us about who we boast in – ourselves or our Lord.


Life and Death in Galatia

Acts 13:42-52 focuses on responses to the Good News.  It reminds us that there are only two basic responses to the Good News of salvation from sin and death through Jesus Christ: (1) offense to the stink of death; (2) joyous, Spirit-wrought trust.


Gospel in Galatia

This passage in Acts 13:13-43 teaches us the three essential components for a sound presentation of God’s great message to mankind: (1) argument for the Gospel (or, the case for Christ); (2) content of the Gospel; and, (3) consequences of the Gospel.


Opportunity and Opposition

Acts 13:2-12 teaches us three things about being missional: (1) God’s calling; (2) God’s word; (3) God’s power and protection.