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Month: October, 2010

The Beginning of ‘the Ends’ Part 2

Our passages this week are from Acts 13:2 – 5a, Hebrews 3:1-3a, Exodus 3 , John 17:18 & 20:21
As we, as a church, have been led through Mark’s Gospel and now as we approach “half-time” in our study of the book known as “The Acts of the Apostles”, perhaps we should take a “time-out” – as we did at the break between the Gospel & Acts – to check that we are not being carried away with the flood of information and missing the basic principles that comprise “apostolicism”. It is true that in one sense “The Apostolic Age” ended with the death of the John who preferred to be called a disciple rather than an apostle, in another sense however we must know that the principle of apo(from)stello(to send) is the very on-going essence of God’s method of reconciling the world to Himself. As the readings imply we will be stepping back from an exposition of a particular passage to see from the scriptures as a whole what I am calling “The Apostolic Principle”.


The Beginning of ‘the Ends’

Acts 13:1-3 shows us three things that made the church of Antioch the first vital force in accomplishing Jesus’ command to carry the Good News to the ends of the earth: (1) a unified, diverse leadership; (2) Spirit-driven direction; and, (3) Spirit-empowered work.


Passover and Deliverance

Acts 12 shows us one more pagan king’s attempt at war against God, one more exodus, and one more victory for King Jesus.  It teaches us three things about the expansion of the Gospel throughout Biblical history: (1) Man’s kingdom always opposes Jesus’ Kingdom (1-4); (2) but Jesus’ Kingdom has superior weapons (5-17); and, (3) Jesus’ Kingdom always prevails (18-24).


A New Harvest

This passage in Acts 11:19-30 shows us three things taking place in the life of the church: (1) gathering in; (2) building up; and, (3) sending out.


Walls Come Tumbling Down

Acts 11:1-18 shows us (1) an accusation; (2) an explanation; and, (3) glorification.  We will learn that there are no dividing walls in the New Temple of God.