Faith PCA Podcasts

Sermons from Faith Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, Texas

Month: September, 2010

Another Anointing

Acts 10:34-48 teaches us three things about how the gospel is to be spread across cultural lines: (1) the purity of the gospel must be faithfully communicated (36-43); (2) God’s reality must be powerfully experienced (44-46); and, (3) the church’s fellowship must be joyfully expressed (47-48).


New Materials

Acts 10: 1-35 teaches us three things about the nature of the gospel as Jesus continues to build his new and true temple: (1) the exclusivity of the gospel; (2) the inclusivity the gospel; and, (3) the transformative nature of the gospel.


Defective Materials and Perfect Architecture

Acts 9:31-43 shows us three aspects of Jesus’ building his new and true temple, the Church: (1) The Master Builder has a vast and perfect master plan; (2) The Master Builder starts with defective materials; and, (3) The Master Builder is all powerful.


Paul to Saul: A New Creation

Acts 9:19-31 reveals to us this morning three things that take place in the lives of Paul and the Church: (1) a new assignment (20-21); (2) a new alignment (19b, 23-28); and, (3) a new consignment (22, 28-31).